Back to School

We made it through our first month of 2nd grade. After two years of homeschooling, as much as it pained us, we knew that our baby was ready to move on. It has been exceptionally hard for us as parents but also rewarding; I guess that is all of parenthood, right. Every day when I pick him up from school, he tells me it was a great day. The things I struggled to motivate him to do, are now the things he pushes himself to be better at now. All the subjects he loved and spent hours asking questions about, he excels at now. Every day I drop him off and feel like a piece of me is missing until I pick him up and hold him in my arms again. I live for his daily play by plays. I soak up every detail and relay them to Michael, who then tries to get even more out of him.

We made sure to get everything on his school supply list and some extras for his teacher. I wrote her a note on the first day of school and gave it to her along with the box of supplies we brought. I thanked her for choosing to teach, inspire, and care for not just my child but all the children in her classes over the years. I am grateful to have been my son’s first teacher, I got to teach him to read, write, count, question, find joy in learning, and now I put him in the hands of others. He is blossoming, and like every step in his life thus far, it is beautiful to behold.

Here are our picks for the best back to school items for kids and teachers:

  1. We love Go Ruck! Made in America, excellent quality, beautiful story and philosophy, all four of us have Go Rucksacks. They take a beating and last. Kids Rucksack
  2. I wanted him to know exactly when I would be there to get him and he wanted to be sure he was always early. Kids Watch
  3. I had to get the sharpener that could do crayons and pencils 3 hole sharpener
  4. I can’t stand him chewing on the pencils, so these fidget chewers give me some piece of mind Robot Pencil Toppers
  5. Minecraft is so popular; he had to have the cool pencil box Minecraft Pencil Box
  6. Since we got him the mega pack of crayons, colored pencils, and markers, one pencil box just wasn’t enough, I love these hard-shelled ones that are not plastic, they last so much longer Beast Pencil Case
  7. I have to make sure he wakes up on time, so a new clock was in order Sunrise Alarm Clock
  8. All teachers deserve to have all the cool tricked out classroom gear they want. Post It Easel Pad
  9. When they are grading, they can make it fun and colorful, right. Gel Pens
  10. I may not get all the changes to common core math, but I wanted to make sure the kids have all the things they need. Dominoes
    1. playing cards
    2. Dice
    3. Dino Folders
    4. Astro Bright Copy Paper
    5. Treasure Chest ToysBest wishes,


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